Posted on May 10, 2021

Voice Power Studios

When it comes to selling, influencing, persuading, and convincing anyone about anything, you need to lead the conversation.

Having command of your speaking voice is a powerful technique that enables you to communicate confidently and successfully when leading, selling, and presenting in business.

Lead with Your Voice:
1. Project Your Voice: Most of us are not sending our voice out of our mouth and directing it to the listener. Instead, we are speaking inside our mouths, in the nasal passages, or in the back of the throat.
2. Slow your speaking rate to 150 words-per-minute by taking a breath between your thoughts and saying the ends of your words. It takes time to do this and therefore you slow down.
3. Speak clearly. Say the whole word without clipping the end of the word. Mumbling and running your words together is a direct result of speaking too fast. If you are not understood it is hard to persuade your listener.

Excellent vocal skills are the foundation for speaking powerfully and persuasively. An important first step is to sign up for a 30-minute, no obligation voice analysis.

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