Posted on May 4, 2021

Voice Power Studios


Outstanding communication is vital to career and personal success. Business and sales experts have emphasized this over and over.
Your ability to lead, motivate and influence with your voice gives your message power and clarity in the minds of your audience. People hear and feel the intentions in your voice before they resonate with your message.

Your voice is your power, and it is important to use it to sound compelling not only in your business conversations, presentations and sales calls but also in your life.

Influence with Your Voice:
1. Slow Down: Reduce your speaking rate to 150 words per minute by taking a breath between your thoughts and saying the ends of your words.
2. Project Your Voice: Pretend you are speaking out of your mouth into an imaginary megaphone. Don’t worry if you sound a little louder.
3. Speak clearly: Say the whole word without clipping the end of the word. Mumbling and running your words together is a direct result of speaking fast.

For 30 years Sandra has trained business professionals from the USA, China, India, Africa, Ireland, Japan and Australia.

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